White Paper: TransUnion - “We’re committed to working with our clients and the wider industry to enhance transparency “

Updated:2024-03-25 13:55    Views:184

Adam Hancox, Director of Gaming at TransUnion in the UK, comments on the government's newly released gambling White Paper.

Talking about the report, Hancox said: “The comprehensive reforms outlined in this white paper mark the most significant update to the UK gambling sector since the introduction of the Gambling Act in 2005, addressing the commitment made in the 2019 manifesto to review and improve gambling legislation."

The White Paper outlines new affordability checks for bettors who lose a certain amount. The first check being when a bettor has a net loss of £125 ($156) in a month or a £500 loss in a year. Hancox says that TransUnion has already been providing affordability checks since 2019.

“As a global information and insights company, TransUnion has been providing friction-right affordability checks to many of the UK’s leading names in the gaming industry since 2019,slots helping operators to protect the financially vulnerable, deliver safer gaming strategies and fulfil regulatory responsibilities."

Hancox would go on to approve of the rules and agree that they will be beneficial for making informed decisions for what is best for bettors and operators: “Leveraging cutting-edge data solutions can help gaming operators to make informed decisions, identify financial stress and support consumer protection. This aligns with the goals of the proposed reforms to protect vulnerable users and promote a safer gambling environment."

“We’re committed to working with our clients and the wider industry to enhance transparency, accountability and responsible gambling practices.”

The UK Government's White Paper finally dropped yesterday after multiple delays and has redefined the UK gambling industry's regulations, with many changes and responses from high-ranking figures in the industry.