Kwiff CRO: Modelling and customer interaction will need to adapt to UK stake limits

Updated:2024-03-20 09:50    Views:126

Following on from the gambling White Paper, the UK Government has responded to the consultation on proposals with the introduction of a maximum stake limit for online slots, to be implemented this September.

The Government will introduce a statutory maximum stake limit of £5 ($6.34) per spin for adults aged 25 and over, while there will be a statutory maximum stake limit of £2 per spin for those aged 18 to 24. 

Kwiff CRO Ian Perrygrove has responded to the news, saying: “The British Government finally released the results of the consultation on spin limits for online slots, something we’ve long known about, and Kwiff has used that time wisely to prepare.

“We all know that any kind of change will have wider consequences than may be seen at first glance, and the advance preparation work has helped with that. For example,free poker game players' stake levels and stake changes are primary metrics for identifying players at risk. Now that stakes will have significantly smaller variations, the industry’s modelling and customer interaction processes will need to adapt accordingly.

“I know this, and all the other knock-on consequences, have been well considered by the Government and the Gambling Commission, and so we will soon receive the full guidance to help us with the final touches. The team at Kwiff is ready to embrace this change and to ensure our players have a supercharged experience, but at the new stake limit!” 

Outgoing Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) CEO Michael Dugher also issued a statement today on the new UK stake limits for online slot games.