Statscore prepares for new NBA season by providing data coverage

Updated:2024-03-21 14:22    Views:103

Statscore, a provider of sports data and technology, is set to provide data, statistics and insights for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season.

The NBA, known for its global audience of billions of fans, is a sports competition followed by enthusiasts worldwide.

Statscore's coverage of the NBA includes live stats and insights for every regular season and playoff game. This coverage extends to both team and player statistics, encompassing points scored, field goals, free throws, assists, turnovers, rebounds, steals and blocks.

The data is accessible through Statscore products, including ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI, with LivematchPro and PrematchPro set to join the lineup soon.

For bookmakers, Statscore's basketball data aims to increase user engagement and retention,free poker game in hopes of preventing users from straying to other sources by keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments on the court.

Statscore's solutions also aim to cater to sports media outlets. These outlets can now collect NBA statistics and data in a single hub. This enables sports media to give basketball fans access to real-time statistics, standings, team details and pre-match comparisons.

Moreover, Statscore has a history of expanding its data coverage across different sports. In August 2023, the company extended its football data coverage to include Asian leagues and competitions, providing its partners with data accessible through products like ScoutsFeed and LivematchPro.

This expansion aimed to offer a broader view of gameplay, including match incidents such as goals, assists, corners, offsides, shots on/off target and more.

Additionally, in October 2023, Statscore launched player analytics for several football leagues, including the UEFA Champions League. These player analytics offered insight into player performance, contributing to more data insights for the sports betting industry and other stakeholders.